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1 Angel Messenger will assist and guide you in the direction you need to go. We can answer questions that are important to you, such as, "Should I change my job?" "What position should I look for?" "Will I meet the love of my life?" and a whole lot more. We will also ask what the Angels want to tell you. They normally have a message to give you without even asking. Our messages come in different forms, whether seeing, hearing, feeling or just knowing the Angels are there.

Carol offers something quite unique.The Angels get Carol to paint a piece of art work for the person she is working with. Carol needs to have their birth name and photo, or see them, to do this.The painting is a message from the Angels. They guide Carol on what to paint, what color to use and what the message is. Each piece is one of a kind. It is more like a folk art painting with a story. Once Carol is finished painting, the Angels give her a message to type and she then tucks it at the back of the painting. It is totally unique and one of a kind, just like you!

Other services that are offered are Angel card reading, Angel training and messages, plus spirit messages available from your loved ones who have passed. Messages can be given by skype or over the telephone. Questions can be answered by the Angel through email.

Angels are for everyone! It does not matter what religion or nationality you are.

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